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Introducing Source File Download, Documents List Export and Reason for Obsolete Document in Quality App


Egnyte for Life Sciences Quality App;  Release Date:  June 30, 2022

Source File Download

Quality app administrators can now enable source document download for a document subcategory.  This is especially helpful for document types such as forms or templates.  When enabled, users with access to a document can download the document in its original format or as a signed PDF rendition.  When disabled, users can only download the signed PDF rendition. The default for new and existing subcategories is for source file download to be disabled.


Document List Export

Category Managers/Quality App Admin users can now export the list of documents to a CSV file based on the options selected from the Category and Status filters.

Reason for Obsoleting the Document

Category Managers/Quality App Admin users will now be required to enter the reason for making a document obsolete while changing the effective or future effective document status to obsolete.


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