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Secure & Govern - Delete Sensitive Emails, Better Content Lifecycle Scan Visibility and More


Egnyte Secure & Govern v16.2 Release Date: June 6th, 2022

Delete Remediation for Unpermitted Sensitive Content in Emails

You can now delete emails with unpermitted sensitive content from the Sensitive Content view. This capability is supported for Gmail and Exchange Online. Deleted emails are moved to trash, after which they are purged based on trash purge policy set on the mail server.



Improved Visibility of Content Lifecycle Policy Scan Progress

After creating or editing a Content Lifecycle policy, clicking on “creating policy” in the policy list will display more detailed progress information about the policy scan. Information includes when the scan started, how many files have been scanned and which sources are included.



File Extension Whitelisting for Probable Ransomware

Customers can now whitelist known safe application file extensions which were detected as Probable Ransomware issues within Secure & Govern. There are some known Ransomware file extensions that are also generated by known safe applications. Many of these applications are not widely used and can generate false-positive detections.

Our approach is to provide the broadest artifact-based Ransomware detection in order to limit the risk of a Ransomware attack. We also realize a small percentage of customers are leveraging various applications and are experiencing more false-positive detections.

Introducing file extension whitelisting allows us to maximize our Ransomware coverage while also addressing higher false-positive rates.

For more information regarding the whitelisting process see Probable Ransomware Whitelisting.

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