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Use the Egnyte Android Mobile App to Review, Accept, and Complete Workflows


Android Mobile App v. 8.31  Release Date:  June 06, 2022


To-do, Review, and Approval Tasks assigned using the Egnyte Workflows and Tasks feature can now be reviewed, accepted, rejected, and completed in the Egnyte Android Mobile App. 

As soon as a new task is created, assignees who go to the Egnyte Mobile App will see a red dot next to the Workflows button on the bottom navigation bar informing them about a new task.



When users navigate to the Workflows screen by tapping on the Workflows icon, they will see a list of tasks and workflows assigned to them.



The Workflows and Tasks list view can be filtered:

  • to show the tasks assigned to the user or created by the user
  • to show the tasks according to their current status (e.g. In progress, Completed), Assigner, and Task Type (To-do, Review, Approval)



The users can see each workflow and task:

  • due date
  • file path
  • list of assignees
  • current status (e.g. In progress)



Most importantly, users can perform the Workflows and Task actions assigned to them. For example, they can:

  • review the document associated with the workflow or task (using the file preview mode),
  • accept or reject the workflows and tasks
  • complete them
  • add comments (where relevant)
  • add the reason for approval or rejection (where relevant) 
  • e-sign workflows and tasks with their credentials (if required)




Download the newest version of Egnyte for Android today. 

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