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Support for Save and Save As and General Improvements for FileGuard 1.1


Release Date: May 31, 2022

Add Save/Save-As Support for Office Files

For added security and convenience, we have added support for the Save/Save As functions for several Office file types.  Support is limited to .docx, .xlsx, and .pptx formats.  Exports to PDFs and password protected files area also excluded in the current version. 

Stamp Decrypted Microsoft Office Files

Added a key to document properties for certain file types (Word, Excel, PowerPoint) to better indicate if file is protected via FileGuard.

General Bug Fixes and Improvements

Fixed bugs that were encountered with temporary files, dummy files, and empty files.  General improvements to overall functionality also implemented.

Known Limitation & Issues

  • Saving of changes to encrypted files back to disk in encrypted form is not supported.
  • Save As of decrypted file contents is not actively blocked.
  • The default Windows “Photos” app can retain a cached copy of decrypted image files even after access has been revoked.
  • Files moved or copied to the Egnyte Desktop App folder cannot be decrypted.
  • Files moved or copied to the Microsoft OneDrive sync folder cannot be decrypted.
  • Files moved or copied to network drives cannot be decrypted.


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