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Secure & Govern Data Owner Management and Content Lifecycle Improvements


Egnyte Secure & Govern v. 16.1 Release Date:  May 20th, 2022

Data Owner & Permission Review Support for WFS

Data owners can now be recommended and assigned within Secure & Govern to help take the burden off Administrators and IT.  In addition to Data owner assignment, permission reviews can now be requested and managed within Secure & Govern for Windows File Server (WFS) sources. 


For more information regarding Data Owners, please see Data Owner Management

For more information regarding Permission Reviews, please see Permission Review Request, Completion & Cancellation

Permissions View


Data Management View


Issues View - Identify Deactivated Users

Deactivated users are now identified, for users, within the Issues view 


Last Access Date Fallback Options for Content Lifecycle Policies

When building Content Lifecycle policies, users now have the option to select if the created date or uploaded date is used for files that have never been accessed.



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