Any user of Migration App.


This product is currently in Limited Availability. We invite any Customers interested in using the product to engage Egnyte Professional Services or their Customer Success Manager to have it enabled for their domain. 


Migration App uses metacommands that are comprised of multiple atomic commands. For example, "Migrate Data" actually involves several steps.

  1. First, it scans the source.
  2. Then it optionally sanitizes the data on the source.
  3. Finally, it migrates data to the destination.

A Migration Operator may also optionally run a standalone scan command to understand what data exists on the source: how many files and folders and any unsupported or excluded files.

To eliminate unnecessary steps and the time it takes to scan the source, Migration App has a default Skip Scan Period of 8 hours.


What does this mean to me as the Migration Operator?

If any type of scan has been completed successfully within the previous 8 hours (manual standalone scan, or the scan that follows the creation of the job, or a scan as part of a metacommand), the next time you initiate a Data Migration or True-Up, you will be offered an option to include the scan as part of the Data Migration Options.

option to include scan


If no scan were completed within the Skip Scan Period, the first option would not be displayed to the user, and the scan will be included as part of the metacommand.


Can I change the Skip Scan Period for my domain?


Some customers may prefer to eliminate the Skip Scan Period (setting it to 0), while others may like to extend the Skip Scan Period. However, we don't recommend extending it beyond 24 hours.

To have this changed, please send an email to, which will generate a ticket to process your request.



Questions? Feature Requests? Other Feedback?

If you have feature suggestions or requests, feel free to submit them here, and make sure you mention Migration App in the text.

For more complex requests that would benefit from providing screenshots or other attachments, you may submit them to Be sure to include Migration App in the email title. Our Support team will push your comments to the Product team for consideration.