Any user of the Migration App.


This product is currently in Limited Availability. We invite any Customers interested in using the product to engage Egnyte Professional Services or their Customer Success Manager to have it enabled for their domain. 


When a migration job has Unattended Mode enabled, it automatically runs True-Ups for the job at set intervals. This will continue indefinitely or until Unattended Mode is disabled for the job. 

Unattended Mode Requirements

Enable Unattended Mode for the Domain

First, you need to have Unattended Mode enabled for your domain. To do this, speak with your Egnyte representative or submit a ticket to to request it.  

Run the Initial Data Migration

Next, you need to have at least completed one Data Migration command for the job. Until you have done so, you cannot enable Unattended Mode for that job.

Activate Unattended Mode for a Job

Once the domain has Unattended Mode enabled and you have completed at least one Data Migration command, you now may activate the Unattended Mode feature for the job. 

  1. From the Migration Dashboard, navigate to the Migration Job.

  2. Click on the three-dot menu, and from the drop-down, select Settings.

  3. Under Advanced Options in the left-hand column, click on Unattended.

  4. Under Unattended Mode, click the toggle to Enable Unattended Mode.

  5. Next, you will be offered the option to select the Threshold for running True-Ups in Unattended Mode. The default interval is two days. You may leave it at default or change it to anywhere from 1 to 14 days.
  6. Click Save.

  7. Click the back arrow at the top of the screen to return to the Migration Dashboard.

  8. Identify the migration job in question, click on the three-dot menu, and from the drop-down, select Details.

  9. This will take you to the Migration Details page. In the right-hand column under Other Details, you can see that the job shows Unattended Mode is Enabled and indicates the interval threshold you specified.

Unattended Mode Considerations

  • You may disable Unattended Mode and return to manual operation of the Migration App at any time.
  • Currently, Unattended Mode may be used to trigger True-Ups. No other commands may be automatically triggered.
  • Even if a job is in Unattended Mode, you may manually run any command for that job. If you run a True-Up, this will re-start the interval clock for Unattended Mode after the command completes.
  • If a True-Up (whether automatically initiated or manually triggered) takes longer than the threshold set for Unattended Mode, the interval clock will start for Unattended Mode only after completing the command.
  • If you manually run a Scan or Permissions Migration, this will have no impact on the interval threshold for Unattended Mode. Still, the active command will need to complete before Unattended Mode triggers the next True-Up.


Questions? Feature Requests? Other Feedback?

If you have feature suggestions or requests, feel free to submit them here, and make sure you mention Migration App in the text.

For more complex requests that would benefit from providing screenshots or other attachments, you may submit them to Be sure to include Migration App in the email title. Our Support team will push your comments to the Product team for consideration.