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Introducing New Migration App Features: Confluence, Migrating Empty Folders, Symbolic Links and UI Enhancements


Migration App v3.10  |  Release Date March 23, 2022

Note that the Agent updates happen automatically, but take time to roll out. If you are currently running a migration job, the Agent will not update until that job has completed.

"Confluence" Feature MVP

With this release, we have added a feature called Confluence that allows multiple migration jobs to target a single shared destination. 

Normally, a migration tool is designed to mirror the source and the destination. But there's a common use case for migrating data from multiple physical offices into a centralized corporate cloud instance. Confluence allows you to do this without fear of data deletion.

  • By default, any jobs that target a common destination are considered in conflict.
  • All commands, except job creation and delete, will be blocked with a message if a job is in conflict.
  • Only after enabling Confluence for those jobs will they be permitted to run.
  • With Confluence enabled, each job is permitted to contribute its respective data to the common destination without considering other content that may already exist there.
  • Confluence requires that Advanced Mode is enabled for the domain.
  • Users enable Confluence mode in Advanced Config using the JSON file in order to unblock their conflicting jobs. 
  • There is currently no indication in the UI that Confluence is enabled, but that will be something to look for in future releases.

Migrating Empty Folders

With this release, empty folders may be created on the destination as the final step of every Migrate Data metacommand. Note that an empty folder is not actually "migrated," but rather "created," as it is just a path on the directory.

This new step in the Data Migration metacommand will add some time to the overall data migration command, but because it does not entail the copying of files, it will not be reflected on the progress bar. 

  • User is prompted to opt in or out of Empty Folders Creation with every data migration command. Option is offered at the same time that Sanitize option is offered.
  • When empty folders creation starts, the ETA on the progress bar for job completion will go to 0:00:00 but the spinning circles in the details sections below will indicate that something is happening in the background.
  • Once the command is complete, the UI is updated with stats showing how many empty folders were created.
  • Migration Report contains additional information about empty folder creation, which you can find in the last worksheet titled Empty Folders.

UI Improvements

  • Redesigned progress bar with color-coded stats shows Skipped files, Errors, Previously Migrated (for True-Ups), Migrated (during the current operation) and To Be Migrated (during the current operation.)progressbar.png
  • More detailed stats remain available under the progress bar for each metacommand, including individual stats for the subcommands Scan and Sanitize, which can be expanded for viewing or collapsed.
  • Stats about unsupported files and folders are now shown separately to reduce confusion.
  • Progress bar is shown only when command is in progress. Once completed, it disappears and the details are available in the stats below.

Symbolic Links

  • Advance Configuration option to enable data migration from symbolic links (option is disabled by default).
  • Symbolic Links feature requires that Advanced Mode is enabled for the domain.
  • Users enable Symbolic Links in Advanced Config using the JSON file. This process is documented here

Issues Addressed

  • Multiple stability fixes.
  • Agent token is now refreshed proactively. Previously, it would expire and users would be forced to renew it by restarting the service.
  • Allows automatic creation of a Zendesk ticket for migrations targeting FedRAMP domains.
  • Minimum supported OS version is used now for agent connection instead of whitelisted versions.

Upgrade Procedure

Migration App

For the Agent v3.10 and Web UI v.1.11.0

Updates are autonomously handled by Migration App, requiring no action by the user.

Additional Information and Resources

This release targets users of the UI-based Migration App exclusively. CMM Agent CLI customers should remain on version 3.7.5. The CMM Agent CLI Product Guide 3.6 is still accurate and up to date.

Migration App Product Guide PDF v3.10

Migrating Empty Folders with Migration App

How to Resolve Conflicting Migration Jobs

Enabling Symbolic Links in Migration App

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