In January 2021, Microsoft and Dropbox made announcements that their current desktop applications for the Mac would either cease working or be significantly limited in macOS 12.3. Many Egnyte customers were concerned that the same would apply to Egnyte. After significant testing of the macOS 12.3 beta, we are happy to report that the Egnyte Desktop App for Mac continues to work as expected in macOS 12.3.

Why Isn't Egnyte Affected?

Egnyte and most other players in this space have historically used kernel extensions in macOS to implement a virtual file system. Starting in macOS 11, Apple made working with kernel extensions significantly more complicated, especially on computers with Apple Silicon (M1) chips. Dropbox and Microsoft, however, had access to private kernel extensions built into macOS. Apple's 12.3 beta release notes indicate:

The kernel extensions used by Dropbox Desktop Application and Microsoft OneDrive are no longer available. Both service providers have replacements for this functionality; Dropbox is currently in beta.

Egnyte does not use these built-in kernel extensions, so Egnyte is not affected by these macOS 12.3 changes. 


File Provider

When Apple deprecated kernel extensions, they also introduced a new technology for implementing a virtual file system called File Provider. This technology is radically different from earlier technologies and requires most providers to rewrite their macOS desktop applications.

Egnyte has spent the last year working on a new version of the Desktop App for Mac based on File Provider. The new app will be easier to install/deploy and will integrate better with macOS. We are actively testing this with a small number of customers and hope to make a beta version available in the next few months. In the meantime, the current Desktop App will continue to work on macOS 12.3.