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Issues Delegation and Content Safeguards General Availability (GA) in Secure & Govern


Egnyte Secure & Govern v. 15.1 Release Date:  December 17th, 2021

Content Safeguards - Ability to Warn & Block

Content Safeguards is now generally available. Content Safeguard policies protect data by restricting approved link types to files containing sensitive content. When Content Safeguards policies have been enabled, link sharing to some of your files may be restricted to a minimum link security level based on policies created by your Administrator.

There are two types of Content Safeguard policies, Block and Warn. Under Warn policies, all link security levels for the file or folder will be available as options in the dropdown, but less secure links may have a warning message stating the link type is “Not Recommended”. Under Block policies, certain link types for files or folders may not be available since the links must meet minimum security requirements defined by your Administrator (i.e. links must be password-protected).





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More detailed progress indication for Content Classification

In places where content classification progress for Core and Advanced classification is visible (eg. the dashboard or Sensitive Content view), there is now an option to ‘show more details’. Opening this will reveal a detailed breakdown of classification progress for each content source.

Support multiple policy matching criteria

Users can now configure Content Lifecycle policies to use both classification and location-based criteria in the same policy. Previously policies only allowed one criterion to be selected per policy.



Issue Delegation

Users can now delegate issue review and remediation functions to anyone that has access to the Issues tab in the Egnyte Secure and Govern platform. Assignees receive an email notification when they are the recipients of assigned Issues and can use the link in the email to navigate directly to the Issue in Secure and Govern. Assignees can then select the appropriate remediation action such as to Fix the Issue as necessary.






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