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Visual indicators for connected folders in Desktop App for Windows 3.14


Desktop App v. 3.14  Release Date:  Dec 8, 2021

Visual indicators for connected folders

This version of the app includes an enhancement to the connected folders feature.  

The synchronization status of the content in connected folders will now be represented by visual indicators (blue refresh icon or green checkmark) in Explorer and the Egnyte desktop app widget (in the tab connected folders)






Changes in Command Line Interface (CLI)

Introduced improvements in Command Line Interface - added a possibility to use ::egnyte_username:: in commands for adding the drive, updating the drive's mount point, and managing offline folders.


Escalations and Issues Addressed

  • Fixed issues with saving files in Causeway Professional Design Suite.
  • Fixed the issue with 3rd part applications reading sparse file region. Affected applications: Revit Workshare, Bentley Microstation.
  • Fixed the issue with saving the *.evo files from the DIALux application.
  • Added the possibility to properly archive new file versions while using Adobe Distiller

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Co-editing is not supported with Turbo connection for versions of Turbo below 2.7.
  • The co-editing prompt is not shown if no default app is selected at the domain level.
  • For updates on Windows 11 support and known limitations, refer to the article.

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