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Fine Grained Role Entitlements in Secure & Govern


Egnyte Secure & Govern v. 14.9 Release Date:  November 16th, 2021

RBAC Fine-Grained Role Entitlements

Secure & Govern RBAC now supports fine-grained role entitlements. One of the most significant benefits of fine-grained access control is that it allows for varying degrees of access. Administrators can now restrict access and delegate specific responsibilities to other users. All the entitlements are broken down into two categories; what a user can see and what a user can do. 

In cases where a user has multiple roles, an administrator should configure how RBAC and role entitlements are applied, so any conflicts between roles are addressed and a user does not end up with more entitlements than intended. This is one way that organizations can ensure the separation of duties.




Predefined Default Roles

Our solution supports three predefined default roles: Admin Role, Basic User Role, and Data Owner Role. These are the most commonly used roles in most organizations. The entitlements of these roles have been predefined and can be directly assigned to individual users.  The Admin Role will have all the privileges and permissions for the entire system. Basic User Role will have the ability to log into Secure & Govern, but very limited system access. Data Owner Role will have the ability to log into Secure & Govern, but limited to only the folders where Data Owner is assigned.


Custom Roles 

With Custom Role, administrators can grant precise privileges based on each user's responsibilities and business needs.

All existing role entitlements will be automatically migrated to the proper fine-grained role entitlements

For more information, please visit Fine-grained Role Entitlements

Safety Checks for Content Lifecycle Deletion Policies

Safety checks on deletion policies will create checkpoints for customers when creating content lifecycle policies that include deletion as part of them that will help prevent accidental file deletion by providing clear information on what the policy will do as well as preventing the publishing of any deletion policies before that information is available to the user.



Support for New Jurisdictions

Built-in patterns and sensitive content detection policies for Israel and U.A.E jurisdictions.



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