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Improved scrolling indicator and PDF preview Egnyte 8.26 for Android.


Product: Egnyte 8.26  for Android  Release Date: November 15th, 2021

Improved scrolling indicator

While scrolling through the listing the scroll indicator is now more "touch friendly" allowing users for an easier grab and swipe experience. Additionally the indicator shows the first letter or date within a group so it makes it even easier to find the file/folder you are looking for. 

Samsung_Galaxy_S20_5Ga.png      Samsung_Galaxy_S20_5G.png 

Turn on/off annotations on PDF preview

For selected platform plans we added the ability to hide on the PDF preview any annotation types - this is especially helpful while previewing any blueprints or detailed drawings, an annotation can sometimes cover an important fragment. This feature will allow you to see what is behind a fragment.

For more information please contact Egnyte support


Issues Addressed

  • Fixed several small bug issues

Important information

This is the last version to support Android 7.X and 8.X. Starting from Egnyte 8.27 only Android 9,10,11,12 will be supported. Egnyte will posses the 8.26 for any requested APK distribution. For more information please contact Egnyte Support.    

How to upgrade

To upgrade the app visit the Google Play Store via your Android device and tap on update. If you cannot access Google Play Store, please connect with Egnyte Support for help and information.










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