Egnyte FileGuard for Mac v.10, Release Date: June 30, 2020


This is the initial release of Egnyte FileGuard for Mac.

Egnyte FileGuard is the app used to decrypt files shared via Secure Delivery links. After installing the app and establishing your identity via email, you can open encrypted files in their associated native application simply by double-clicking them. 

Egnyte FileGuard can be downloaded directly from the link page for Secure Delivery links.


Supported Operating Systems

macOS Monterey (12.x)

macOS Big Sur (11.x)


Unsupported File Formats

Archive files such as ZIP and RAR are not supported.


Known Limitations & Issues

  • Saving of changes to encrypted files back to disk in encrypted form is not supported.
  • Save As of decrypted file contents is not actively blocked.
  • Uninstaller very occasionally does not uninstall the application. If this occurs, the application can be manually deleted.
  • If installing into a non-default location, the alternate location must be specified in both the main installer dialog and the sub-installer dialog.
  • Opening many encrypted PowerPoint files in the same action (e.g. highlight multiple files and choose Open) can sometimes fail.
  • If a file is moved within the FileGuard decryptor drive to a different folder within the drive, the file may fail to open.