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Improved Scanning Visibility in Secure & Govern


Egnyte Secure & Govern v. 14.7 Release Date:  October 29th, 2021

Improved information and visibility of scanning and data updates

Users are frequently confused by or have a general lack of understanding of the current status of their Governance data. This is because we don’t surface much information about the background tasks that take place regularly. This lack of transparency causes regular escalations from support with questions from customers. 

With this release, we will provide more visibility into the status of those background tasks and more detail about what they are doing.

  • Visibility into the progress of the scan and what it is doingIllus_-_3.png
  • Detailed information and links to more resourcesIllus_-1.png
  • Context on what changes the user will see from the updatesIllus_2.png


Subject Access Request (SAR) Export Report Improvements

When exporting SAR results, you can now see the source in which each matched file resides and view the number of other subjects mentioned in each file. This improves the overall usability of the report especially when results exist across multiple source types.



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