macOS Monterey is available for upgrade for Mac users since October 25th, 2021.  In testing the pre-release beta versions, we have identified several issues, which are detailed below.  After general availability, we will run another series of tests to officially certify Egnyte and the Egnyte desktop applications for macOS Monterey.  We do not recommend upgrading to macOS Monterey until we have formally announced our compatibility with the new OS version.  If you have already upgraded to macOS Monterey, please see the known issues listed below that may impact your experience with Egnyte.

Known Issues

Desktop App

Note: macOS Monterey is only compatible with Desktop App 3.14 or higher.  The issues below were identified with macOS Monterey 12.0.1

Problems on M1 machines after macOS upgrade

After upgrading macOS to Monterey from Big Sur on M1 devices, security settings are reset, and the user must re-approve kernel extensions that were previously approved on Big Sur.  This appears to be an operating system issue and is not specific to Egnyte.

A detailed article on how to do this can be found here.

This issue has been fixed with Monterey 12.0.1


Intermittent problems opening a file after moving it to a different folder

Sometimes, the file cannot be opened after moving a file from one folder to the other. As a workaround, you can disconnect/reconnect the drive or restart the Egnyte Desktop App, and then you will be able to open the file.

Egnyte drive icon shows inconsistent color with the Finder "Favorites" icons

Instead of the usual blue icon, the Egnyte drive icon appears black when mounted.