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Current State of Egnyte for Windows 11


Microsoft Windows 11 has been available for upgrade for Windows users since October 5th, 2021.  Since the upgrade has been made public, our tests on the new operating system do not reveal any significant issues for our desktop applications. If you have already upgraded to Windows 11, please see the minor issues listed below that may impact your experience with Egnyte.

Known Issues

Desktop App

  • The context menu in Explorer and on the desktop is hidden beneath a "Show more options" item.  This is related to a redesign of the context menu that Microsoft outlines here.  
  • An issue with multiple desktops, where clicking to open the Desktop App widget on one virtual desktop may switch you to your primary desktop.
  • Within Windows Explorer, users will not be able to utilize the context menu in any Windows Explorer instance beyond the first instance. 

Tests have been done on versions 3.14.0 and above of the Desktop App.

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