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Improved Unusual Access Issue Detection in Secure & Govern


Egnyte Secure & Govern v. 14.6 Release Date:  October 1st, 2021

Unusual Access - Multivariate Anomaly Detection

Secure and Govern has recently released an improved and expanded ML detection model for the Unusual Access Analysis Rule.

The new multivariate anomaly detection model detects Unusual Access anomalies. The improved model focuses on file access/download and file deletion anomalies. The following model now considers the following variants for Unusual Access detections:

  • The volume of files (accessed/downloaded and/or deleted)
  • Sensitivity of the files 
  • Location of access
  • Time-of-day of access

Each of the model variants can be turned on/off independently.


Only "File access/downloads" and "File deletes" are enabled by default for existing customers. For new customers, all variants are enabled by default.


For more information, please visit Unusual Access - Multivariate Anomaly Detection.

Unusual Access - Minimum File threshold for Deleted Files

The minimum file threshold for the Unusual Access Analysis Rule now supports deleted files and files accessed/downloaded. Previously, the minimum file threshold only supported files accessed/downloaded.



Breach Report Support for Deactivated Users

You can now create Breach Reports for deactivated users. The report results in the UI  and the export now explicitly list out the status of each breached user.

Show the Immediate Impact of Content Lifecycle Policies

Users now have visibility into the impact of their policies on publication for draft policies and within the next 30 days for active policies. Users can also view/export the list of files covered by the policy directly from the Policy list in the Content Lifecycle settings.




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