Desktop App v. 3.13.2  Release Date:  Sep 2, 2021

New Features and Enhancements

Starting Co-editing session via double-clicking when there is no default app on a domain level

If there is no default integration for collaboration selected on a domain level, the user is able to start a co-editing session after a double-click on a file. The user sees a prompt with a possibility to choose integration that can be used for co-editing. 


Changed preferences view

The co-editing preferences have been moved to a drive configuration section to enable configuration per drive connected. 

A new item, "preferred integration," is introduced in the preferences section, which can be changed if no default integration is set on a domain level.


Issues Addressed

  • Fix for the issue with app upgrade notifications not being received by the app.

Known Issues and Limitations

  • Co-editing is not supported with Turbo connection for versions of Turbo below 2.7.

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