Smart Cache 3.0 Release Date: July 30, 2021

Turbo is now Smart Cache

All existing and new deployments of Turbo are now officially named Smart Cache. You will see the new name in the UI, device console, and on the plan details page for your domain. We made this name change to better align the capabilities with our product vision and future roadmap. 

How to set up Smart Cache

Smart Cache is available by default on all new device deployments. If you are planning to deploy a new Smart Cache device, you can set up the device for caching and optionally select folders for synchronization on the cache.

If you have an existing Turbo device in a production environment, the device will automatically upgrade to Smart Cache version 3.0 and will continue to operate normally even after the software upgrade. In addition, you will have the option to select or unselect folders for synchronization. Content that is not selected for synchronization will be served from the cache. 

If you have an existing Storage Sync device in production and would like to migrate to Smart Cache, you will need to deploy a new Smart Cache device and cut over your users to Desktop App. You can decommission the Storage Sync device after the cut-over.

Smart Cache License

Smart Cache does not require separate or additional licenses. You can use available Storage Sync licenses for deploying Smart Cache devices. 



Enhancements in Smart Cache 3.0

Smart Cache Statistics

You can now get more details about the performance of your Smart Cache device. In addition to the Cache Hit Ratio, you can now also visualize "Smart Cache Utilization" and "CPU & Memory Usage". The statistics are available under: Administrator panel -> Devices -> Storage Devices -> <device name> -> Device Usage


Issues Addressed

  • Fixed an issue related to automatic upgrades.