Egnyte Secure & Govern v. 14.1 Release Date:  July 23rd, 2021

Secure & Govern Multiple Role Support

Users can now be added to multiple roles within Secure &Govern. Secure & Govern RBAC is an additive model, so a user’s effective permissions are the sum of their role assignments.

In cases where a user has multiple roles, an administrator should configure how RBAC is applied, so any conflicts between roles are addressed and a user does not end up with more permissions than intended. This is one way that organizations can ensure separation of duties.

Predefined Default Roles
Our solution supports three predefined default roles: Admin Role, Basic User Role and Data Owner Role. These are the most commonly used roles in most of the organizations. The entitlements of these roles have been predefined and can be directly assigned to individual users.  The Admin Role will have all the privileges and permissions for the entire system. Basic User Role will have the ability to log into Secure & Govern, but very limited system access. Data Owner Role will have the ability to log into Secure & Govern, but limited to only the folders where assigned as Data Owner.

Custom Roles 
With Custom Role, administrators can grant precise privileges based on each users responsibilities and business needs.

For more information please visit Secure & Govern Role-based Access