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New Listing Views Available on Egnyte App for Android


Product: Egnyte 8.23  for Android  Release Date: July 13th, 2021.

New comfort listing view

We introduce another option for a fresh new look and feel for files and folders with the new release.


New views on the listing

From now on, the Egnyte app will have four layout support. You can change them the same way as before from the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.


List compact

The ideal view for people who want to have as many elements on the screen as possible, with even the long file names fully visible. 


List comfort

An expanded compact view with more glanceable information and spacing for comfort viewing. 


Grid compact

This view shows bigger thumbnails of files and folders to make it easier for users to find the right file if they want to see what is inside of the file.


Grid comfort

This option provides users with the ultimate preview experience by showing huge thumbnails and all of the glanceable information about the file they might need.



Small improvements and bug fixes

We added some small changes to make a much smoother app experience. We also fixed a lot of small bugs, which caused some minor problems.


How to upgrade

To upgrade the app visit the Google Play Store via your Android device and tap on update. If you cannot access Google Play Store, please connect with Egnyte Support for help and information.










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