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Co-Editing Via Double-Click on Desktop App for Mac


Desktop App 3.13.0 for Mac  Release Date:  Jul 07, 2021

Office Desktop Co-Editing is currently in limited availability

Start or Join a Co-Editing Session via Double-Clicking

Users can start a co-editing session by double-clicking a file.


Or join a co-editing session by double-clicking a file, which is currently being co-edited by someone.


If a user joins or starts a co-editing session by double-clicking and the network connection is unstable, the user is asked to reconnect.


If there is no reaction after 30 seconds, user would see the following screen and be asked to retry.


Introduced File-Size Validation for Co-Editing

If a user tries to start a co-editing session on a file that exceeds the size limit, they will be informed about this fact, along with the information about the maximum file size on which co-editing is allowed (this can vary).


Introduced Tutorial and Onboarding Screen

Onboarding tutorial screen when a user opens a file in co-editing mode for the first time.


Enhanced Lock Owner Information

Full name is included in the notification and popups about a coediting lock and on joining collaboration window.


Known Issues and Limitations

The update has the issues and limitations listed below:

  • Co-editing is not officially supported in folders marked for offline access - using co-editing in an offline folder in rare scenarios may create conflicting copies.
  • Co-editing is not supported with Smart Cache connection for versions of Smart Cache below 2.7.
  • The co-editing prompt is not shown if there is no default app selected on the domain level.
  • Possible performance issues with files on private folders (increased opening time if an application tries to access multiple files).


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