Release Date: June 30, 2020

This is the initial release of Egnyte FileGuard for Windows.

Egnyte FileGuard is the app used to decrypt files shared via Secure Delivery links. After installing the app and establishing your identity via email, you can open encrypted files in their associated native application simply by double-clicking them. 

Egnyte FileGuard can be downloaded directly from the link page for Secure Delivery links.

Supported Operating Systems

Windows 10 32-bit

Windows 10 64-bit

Unsupported File Formats

Archive files such as ZIP and RAR are not supported.

Known Limitation & Issues

  • Saving of changes to encrypted files back to disk in encrypted form is not supported.
  • Save As of decrypted file contents is not actively blocked.
  • The default Windows “Photos” app can retain a cached copy of decrypted image files even after access has been revoked.
  • Files moved or copied to the Egnyte Desktop App folder cannot be decrypted.
  • Files moved or copied to the Microsoft OneDrive sync folder cannot be decrypted.
  • Files moved or copied to network drives cannot be decrypted.