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Reconnecting the Cloud Migration Manager Agent to the Cloud



Any user of the Migration App.

This product is currently in Limited Availability. We invite any Customers interested in using the product to engage Egnyte Professional Services or their Customer Success Manager to have it enabled for their domain. 


Occasionally, you may have a Migration App Agent that was working successfully but lost its connection to the cloud. If this happens, the System Tray for Cloud Migration Manager Agent will indicate you have No cloud connection. And your migration dashboard will display an error for your Source, although the error message will depend on the specific problem the Migration App is experiencing.



You can try clicking on the three dots and selecting Start Service. But if that doesn't work, there are some other things to try, so read on.

Possible Issues and How to Remedy Them

There are a number of reasons your Agent may disconnect from the cloud. Some common problems include network errors, deactivation of a Source, or needing to update the Agent for a Source. We'll go through the most common issues and how to solve them below.


Source Status is Deactivated

If your Source is showing as Deactivated, try clicking on the three dots to the right of the listing (the meatball menu) and click Activate. Wait a few seconds and the status should change to Active.



Source Status is Inactive

If a Source is showing as Inactive, click on the Source to reveal the details view. If you see a message Version is unsupported, click on the link to download the latest version and update the agent. This will only take a few minutes and should result in the Source changing back to Active, and reconnecting to the cloud.


Edge Case: Occasionally, we have observed cases where the Source is Inactive for no obvious reason. If you see a spinning icon on your System Tray for longer than a couple of minutes, try uninstalling and reinstalling the Agent and you may find it is resolved.


Agent Deleted

If your Agent was deleted from the Migration Dashboard, your system tray will indicate that it cannot identify the Agent. The best solution here would be to create a new Agent with a new Agent ID.


Network Issues

The system should recover from transient network issues with no action required from the user.


Questions? Feature Requests? Other Feedback?

If you have feature suggestions or requests, feel free to submit them here, and make sure you mention Migration App in the text.

For more complex requests that would benefit from providing screenshots or other attachments, you may submit them to support@egnyte.com. Be sure to include Migration App in the email title. Our Support team will push your comments to the Product team for consideration.





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