Product: Web UI Release Date: April 28, 2021

Two-Step Login Verification improvement 

When Two-Step Login Verification is required from users by the admin, from now on, the Two-Step Login Verification enrollment will be enforced when they are finishing the process of account creation in Egnyte (not during their first login after that). You can read more about Two-Step Login Verification in this Helpdesk article




Preventing unlocking co-edited files

To prevent losing changes in files that are being co-edited, unlocking such files will no longer be possible. Instead, users who want to modify such files can co-edit them. The co-editing sessions will be automatically closed within 30 minutes (usually much faster) of everyone leaving the co-editing sessions.




Workflow Comments

Review and Approval Workflows now allow participants to comment on workflow steps. Each step has a separate comment thread, and these comments are only visible to participants in the workflow. As with regular file comments, users can @mention other users to get their attention.




Migration from Tasks to Workflows

Starting this week, some customer domains will be enabled with the new Review and Approval Workflow capabilities, and their Tasks will be migrated to the Review and Approval Workflows. More details about the comparison between the old Tasks and new Workflow capabilities are available in this article.


Additional Information and Resources

The current release also contains:

Minor UI improvements in File Preview Page.

Minor improvements in folder move & copy operations, search.

The changes will be available to all users on April 29, 2021.