What is Revit

Autodesk Revit is a software application widely used in the construction industry by architects, engineers, and contractors. The Revit software enables engineers and designers across various disciplines (e.g., architects, electricians, plumbing) to work together and create a unified design model.

What is Revit Worksharing

Revit allows several users to concurrently "co-edit," a design model by keeping a record of the elements owned by individual users and ensuring that users can independently work on the elements they own or have borrowed. This workflow of co-editing a Revit central model is called Revit Worksharing.

What is the Revit Plugin

Egnyte's Revit plugin is a software add-on to the Revit application. The software plugin, built on top of the Autodesk Revit SDK framework, customizes the Revit Worksharing experience to allow users to host and collaborate on Revit central models in the Egnyte cloud. Users can download the plugin MSI and install it on their workstations that host the Revit application.

The plugin provides the following functionalities to the end-user:

  • Users can create the Revit Central Model on Egnyte.
  • The plugin enables Revit Worksharing on the Central Model so that multiple users can concurrently work within the model.
  • Revit application's "Synchronize Now" will align the users' changes with the central model on Egnyte.
  • The plugin ensures Revit lock ownership is maintained across collaborators working on Revit elements, families and worksets
  • Revit ownership alerts and notification when a user attempts to edit an element owned by another user

What is the status of the Revit Plugin

At the time of this writing, we have several customers using the Revit plugin for production workflows. These are predominantly smaller construction firms that have looked for options other than BIM-360 for Revit Worksharing. We will make this Generally Available once we see sustained usage and wider adoption.

Who can download the Revit Plugin

Revit Plugin LA is available for download for all customers. Only Power Users and Administrators can register and use the plugin. There is no additional domain-level or Billing flag that needs to be enabled for customers to use the plugin.

Revit Plugin Specifications

Supported Revit Versions 2019, 2020, 2021
Recommended Network Bandwidth

>20 Mbps upload and download

The plugin directly synchronizes with the cloud. Synchronization time is directly dependent on network bandwidth and central model size

Recommended number of collaborators

5 collaborators per Central Model

Worksharing performance will get slower if there are more than 5 users concurrently accessing the model

Minimum Available Storage Space on Workstation

5 GB

The plugin creates a temporary storage area and stores files associated with the Worksharing model

Egnyte User Roles

Power Users and Admins


What's not supported

The Revit plugin does not support the following functionalities:

  • It does not connect to Egnyte's hybrid products (Storage Sync or Site Cache)
  • It does not work in offline mode (without an internet connection)
  • It does not work on Revit software version 2018 or earlier.
  • It does not work with Egnyte Standard Users.

Product Documentation and Installers

Download Revit Plugin

Revit Product Guide

Revit Demo Video

Release Notes