Any user of Migration App.

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The Egnyte Team can use backend logs from Migration Jobs to identify and remedy issues, which is particularly useful if a job fails or doesn’t fully execute. Occasionally, the source agent neglects to send the logs to Egnyte. But even in these situations, you can obtain the logs directly from the Windows system running the CMMAgent.

Accessing Logs

To view the logs for a given Migration Job, first, navigate to the job in the Migration App UI and confirm the Migration ID.



Return to Windows Explorer and navigate to the log using the job’s Migration ID in the pathname. Depending on how you are logged into CMM Agent, you will find it in one of two places.

If you are logged in as the Local System:


If you are logged in as the Local User:



This will take you to the egnyte-agent log files on your local Windows machine.



Once you have navigated to this file, download and zip the file to send to the Egnyte Team for analysis.