Any user of the Migration App.

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Can I use the Migration App to migrate additional content into folders on my Egnyte domain that already contains data?

Yes, you can. In fact, that's an excellent use case for the Migration App. To do this without duplicating any data, you need to schedule individual migration jobs for each existing top-level folder on your Egnyte domain. This enables the Migration App to identify the deltas in each folder.Picture4.png

For example, the image above shows a list of folders on a customer domain in Egnyte. To use the Migration App to sync up content with your on-premises source files, you need to create a migration job for each of the relevant folders.

So, in this case, you’d create your first migration job for the source of E:\Alexander and map that to the destination of /Shared/Alexander. This will then migrate only the changes from E:\Alexander to the destination. Then you can create migration jobs for CFLADMIN and so on.

While you might think you could just run a single migration job for the Shared folder, that won't work. You will need to create a separate migration job for each top-level folder within Shared.