Due to an issue with Desktop App for Windows versions 3.10.2 and lower, it is unable to auto update to the latest version.


This issue has been fixed in Desktop App Windows version 3.10.3, which can be downloaded here. The release notes for this version can be found here.


If you or your end-users are using Desktop App Windows versions 3.10.2 or lower, we recommend using any of the following ways to update the Egnyte Desktop App.

Manual installation

  1. Instruct your users to download Desktop App Windows version 3.10.3.
  2. Run the MSI file. 

Note: Installation can be run only by a user with admin privileges on the machine

Installation via Mass deployment tools

To upgrade to Desktop App Windows version 3.10.3, ensure you run the installation in the context of a user with admin privileges on the machine when using your tool. If you were installing the application via mass deployment tools, when upgrading, we recommend you use the same command-line parameters that were used at install to ensure the same user experience. 

More information about mass deployment can be found in this article.