Desktop App 3.11.0 for Windows  Release Date:  Feb 25, 2021

Connect a local folder to Egnyte.

Context menu in the file explorer to connect a local folder to the cloud private folders. 



Disconnect a local folder from Egnyte.

Context menu in the file explorer to disconnect a local folder from the Egnyte cloud private folders.


Additional fixes

In addition to the above enhancement, the update also contains: 

  • 'What's new' popup will be hidden if the ED_SILENT flag is set to 1 in case of mass deployment.
  • Fix for an issue with incorrect disk space usage reporting on device dashboard.
  • Fix for an issue with certain folders showing no files/folders though it exists in web UI.
  • Fix for CBFS file system driver error while installing an update for Desktop App.

Known Issues & Limitations

The update has the issues and limitations listed below:

Connected folder doesn't show a visual indicator for skipped and in-progress status.

Folders in Non-NTFS formatted drives and network drives can not be connected.

Auto-update from Desktop App versions (3.10.2 and lower) to this 3.11 version is not supported. Refer to the helpdesk article for guidance.


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