Desktop App 3.10.0 for Mac

Release Date:  Feb 5, 2021 

Apple M1 Mac support 

Download the version to support Apple Mac devices with M1 chip. 



Additional fixes 

In addition to the above enhancement, the update also contains: 

  • Fix for an issue where Archicad .pln and .bpn files are displayed as 0kb sometimes
  • Fix for an issue with renaming a file by changing the character case when cloud start path is set
  • Fix for an issue with drive disconnection when specific folder is opened
  • Fix for an issue with accessing a subfolder under folder name in GUID format.

Known Issues & Limitations

The update has the expected behavior and limitations listed below:

  • On Apple M1 Mac devices, system extensions are blocked by default and need to be enabled in MacOS recovery mode by following the instructions in this article.
  • If Desktop App 3.9.1 was already installed in Apple M1 Mac device, auto-update of Desktop App 3.10.0 is not supported. It is recommended to uninstall this Desktop App 3.9.1 and clean install Desktop App 3.10.0. For issues related to system extension approval, refer to the solution in this article.