In some cases, every attempt of loading Egnyte's kernel extension results in a System Extension Updated alert, which mentions that the component has been updated and needs to be approved again. Upon allowing the kernel extensions in Security & Privacy and rebooting the system, the message repeats itself in an infinite loop. 




Launch Recovery Mode by shutting down the machine. Turn on the machine by pressing AND holding the Touch ID or Power Button for about 10 seconds until the startup options appear. Select Options and click Continue.


The user will need to go to 'Utilities' → 'Terminal' and enter the command:

kmutil trigger-panic-medic --volume-root "/Volumes/<volume_name>"

where <volume_name> is main system volume (usually "Macintosh HD"), i.e.:


kmutil trigger-panic-medic --volume-root "/Volumes/Macintosh HD"

The user should see the following system information:

Triggering Panic Medic to enable booting into: /Volumes/Macintosh HD Panic Medic done. All third party kexts have been unapproved and uninstalled from /Volumes/Macintosh HD


After rebooting the Mac, the user will see a notification:


There should also be an alert about loading Egnyte's kernel extension. Now, the user can go to "Security & Privacy," after allowing it and rebooting Desktop App should work correctly.