Product: Web UI Release Date: January 27, 2021

Co-Editing from the File Link Page

When an authenticated domain user who has access to the folder (where the file is located) opens a File Link page and there is an ongoing co-editing session for the file, a pop-up appears with a possibility to join the co-editing session or to stay on the File Link page.



For Microsoft Office Online


For Google Workspace


If the user decides to stay on the File Link Page, there will still be a way to join the co-editing session using the blue "Co-Edit in ... "  button on the top of the page.  


Avatar and User information on the File Link Page

The File Link page header now shows the avatar with the user acronym and user information (full name and email address) of the user who is currently editing the file. The information is only shown when the File Link page is opened by the user who is an authenticated domain user and has access to the folder.





Start Editing from the File Link page

When a user opening the File Link page is an authenticated domain user, has Editor permission to the folder (where the file is located), and the default app for co-editing (Microsoft Office Online or Google Workspace) is configured for the domain (by the admin), then the user can see the blue "Edit in.." button on the File Link page:





Direct Links to Folders

In addition to the lately released capability to provide direct links for files, it is now possible to share direct links to folders as well. To do this, the user has to right-click on a folder, go to share options, and select "Copy Direct Link." 




Refreshed Gallery View

The gallery view has been refreshed and the ability to access comments, versions or sharing is simplified and unified with the list view.



Improved UI for Unlocking the File

Now the UI disables (grays out) the option to unlock a file for users who do not have the capabilities (is not the lock owner or an admin). Earlier, it was possible to click on that option and then see the error message.




In a case, there is a co-editing session going on for the file when a user (who can unlock the file) clicks the "unlock" option, a message will be shown:




Mobile Friendly Upload Link Page (Request Files from Others)

The "Request Files from Others" page is now fully responsive and will adapt to the mobile screen size. Providing texts in the forms and attaching files is now more user-friendly on mobile devices.




Additional Information and Resources

In addition to the changes mentioned above, the update also contains:

Minor UI improvements in File listing page, Configuration Audit Report, My Preferences page, Applications page, and Sharing options.


The changes will be available on January 28, 2021.