Microsoft Office Desktop co-editing connects Egnyte to Office 365 to allow multiple users to edit a document simultaneously using the Office desktop software. Only users with edit and download permissions can edit a document with collaborative authoring. Collaborative authoring can be used with Microsoft Word™ (*.docx), Excel™ (*.xlsx), and PowerPoint™ (*.pptx) documents.


Configuring Microsoft Office Desktop Integration


Before you can use collaborative authoring with Microsoft Office, for the setup you need:

  • You must be Microsoft Office 365 Tenant and Office Business license. 
  • You have global admin and SharePoint Admin Access. See highlighted below for an example.Note. Below permissions are MUST be able to run setup /configuration successfully. 


  • PermissionsNeeded.png


1. Go to Apps & Integrations

2. Search for "office desktop" and integration. Click on the tile.

3. Click on the link "Open Microsoft Office Desktop Configuration" to start the configuration wizard.  Do not press the OK button at this time. Please check the requirements section above and do configuration with the email which has the right access and permissions. 


4. This is the first screen. Click "Start Configuration"


5. Click "Allow Access." 


6. Again, the Global Admin will need to sign-in with the email address they have access to as stated in the requirements. Once sign-in is done, you will see the below screen. Click "Accept." Note. whether you allow consent or not, it won't affect the setup. 




7. You will be prompt to sign-in again with the same email address. Once sign-in is done, you will see the below screen to get App-level consent. You will be required to sign-in with the same global admin email. 


8. Application-level consent screen is now shown. Click "Accept".



Now start setting up SharePoint Site, User Mapping, and Sharing in 3-steps below. 


9. In this screen, we recommend choosing the "Automatic option." If you want to use the existing SharePoint site, copy the URL in the second choice "Manual" option. Click Next.  


If this step fails, please ensure as an admin, can you go to Office admin center and can create a new SharePoint Site manually. As most likely it would have to be access/permissions related. 


10. In this screen, you will match emails with Active Directory, which is "Recommended." In case you get the "Red mark and error that your organization email and Microsoft email doesn't match," as you see in the below snapshot, then you need to choose the second option "Manually" (more details on this option here (Co-editing with Microsoft Office Desktop - Beta- which leads to the user flow, where the user will get the option when they first time invoke opening any document with the Microsoft Office Desktop to sign-in and map emails. Users would only have to do this step one-time). Click Next.  



11. Sharing Screen - Please refer to this Microsoft Documentation: Collaborate with guests in a team and SharePoint organization-level default link settings section. This is an optional step and it doesn't impact the setup of this integration. The options here indicate your security profile that you want your users to allow and use "Native Microsoft Sharing" options, or you want to restrict that and keep only Egnyte Sharing. Once you make these required changes on the SharePoint site, you can check the box "Manual configuration .... is done". 



If you don't want to change the SharePoint setup as per the 1st option, then choose the 2nd option, which means you will allow for sharing. Click Next.  





12. Once you click "Next," you are at the end of the configuration, and you will see a success screen. Should you want to "Change" settings, you can do it from here. Or Press "Save".

Note. "Remove" Settings is coming soon. 



13. This is a summary page, indicating if the setup was successful. Click on "Go to App Details Page".



Enabling & Adding Microsoft Office Desktop Integration

Collaborative authoring is NOT turned on in your Egnyte domain by default.

After the admin has completed the above setup, please go back to the "Microsoft Office Desktop" Application in Apps & Integrations. We highly recommend "Added for all users" settings post-trial period (For the closed beta, to work around the 30 users limit, you can work with "Added for groups"). Ensure after selecting an option, you press "Save" at this time to save the configuration. 




Users will only be able to see this Integration if it shows  "Added" in their workspace.  




Default Option for co-editing Apps from App Control Center

Go to Apps & Integrations. Admins will see "App Control Center."

Clicking on "Settings" will enable you to choose or change your defaults as well as other settings. If you want any editing application here to be marked as default, then control/change it from here.

This step is optional - if you don't do this part, the impact is only that users ability see the "Edit" blue button in Web UI. However, they will still be able to access all editing applications if enabled and added to them via the context menu. 




Please ensure, 

  • To Complete Microsoft Office Desktop Setup Wizard and check Setup is completed "Successfully." 
  • To Enable "Microsoft Office Desktop" Integration. Add for the users or groups in your organization.  


  • 60MB Document size is supported. 
  • Microsoft Word™ (*.docx), Excel™ (*.xlsx), and PowerPoint™ (*.pptx) - newer formats are supported. Older formats of Office documents, co-edit would not show, but you can "SAVE as" these documents in newer office formats to enable this. 
  • Up to 30 users & 1 domain is what we will recommend for the Early Beta release. 

For the Closed beta list, this Integration is only available when it's whitelisted for your domain. So if you don't see the "Microsoft Office Desktop" App in Apps & Integrations, then pls contact support and egnyte to get into the beta.


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