Product: Egnyte 8.18.1 for Android  Release Date: December 16th, 2020


New FAB menu

We have improved the customer experience for users who are using the features on the mobile app. From now on, when you tap on "Create or upload," you will see a completely new, more user-friendly feature menu. All functionalities and features stayed the same. 




New navigation header

We changed the way users navigate within the mobile app. The new header makes it easier to find certain actions as you also know where you currently are.


Improved recent files on the homepage

We grouped recent files by date since you last accessed them (today, yesterday, this week, later). This will help you find the right file faster, and it also helps you to have a view of files you accessed in a given time.

Limitation: Currently, the app shows only 50 last files the user has interacted with. In the future, we plan to increase that number.




How to upgrade

To upgrade the app visit the Google Play Store via your Android device and tap on update. If you cannot access the Google Play Store, please connect with Egnyte Support for help and information.