Introducing "Secure Delivery" - a way for link creators to control access to files after they have been downloaded via Egnyte Links. 

Until now, Egnyte had two options for file downloading when users were creating Share File Links: allowing download (regular Share Links) and not allowing it ("Preview-Only" links). With the "Secure Delivery" Beta, it is now possible to create links that allow the downloading of files in encrypted form. To access (decrypt) such a file, link recipients must install the Egnyte FileGuard client (currently available for Windows only) and confirm their identity by receiving an email to the email address the file was shared with. If at a later date, the link creator revokes access to a link for a recipient, that recipient will no longer be able to open any copies of the file they have downloaded.

During the Beta period, this feature will be available only to certain customers. If you would like to be a part of the Beta, please contact your Customer Success Manager.


Enabling Specific Email Recipients to include "Any Email Recipients"

A new setting has been added that enables including people who are not domain users (people that are neither Power nor Standard Users) within recipient-specific links.  To enable the setting, go to "Settings"->"General", then to the "Sharing" section and set the value of the "Specific Recipients include" parameter to "Any email recipient":




Creating links that allow downloading files only in encrypted form

To create links that allow downloading files only in encrypted form, choose the "Yes, encrypted" option for "Allow downloads?":


Currently this option can only be chosen for recipient-specific links (where "Who will have access?" is set to "Specific Recipients").


Revoking access to links to recipient-specific links

It is now possible to revoke access to recipient-specific links. Choose the "Manage Access" option from within the link details dialog, accessed from the Links page :


If link access is revoked for a recipient, any downloaded copies of the file shared via the link will immediately become inaccessible.

Also note that if an expiry is set for a link, once the link expires then all downloaded copies for all recipients will become inaccessible.