Product: Egnyte 8.1.3 for iOS  Release Date: December 9th, 2020


New Photo Permission settings

We have upgraded the Apps permission settings to the ones known from iOS 14 (you can now give Egnyte access to all your photos or limit it to selected ones).

Important information: if you have already given Egnyte full access to your photos and now want to limit it, you will need to uninstall and install the App again, and after that, you grant Egnyte the access you want. This change will only affect users who are using devices with iOS 14. For older versions, the system works as before.  


Issues Addressed

  • We have improved the way uploading of files works in the background. From now on, more than 5 files can be uploaded when you leave the app.
  • We have increased the speed of uploading files.
  • We addressed stability issues of the app running on iOS 12.X


How to upgrade

To upgrade the app visit the Apple AppStore via your iOS device and tap on update. In some cases, the system may ask you to upgrade your iOS system to a higher version.