Storage Sync 12.4.1 for VM

Support for Web Proxy Servers with SSL Inspection

We have enhanced Storage Sync to work in environments with web proxy servers to route Internet traffic and have SSL inspection enabled on such proxy servers.  

Configuration-Only Migration 

We have introduced a new capability to clone or migrate the configuration settings from one Storage Sync to a new device. This will migrate the following settings to the new device:

     System configuration: hostname, IP address, DNS

AD Settings

Mapped Users

Sync settings

Folder selection

Software Update Policy settings 


Folder Reappears in the Cloud Even After Deletion

Addressed a synchronizer issue where a compound set of folder operations performed in the cloud involving creating and moving sub-folders could not be properly replayed on the Storage Sync device. This resulted in the sub-folders re-appearing in the original location where it was created.


Active Directory Configuration Did Not Migrate Successfully After the Software Upgrade

Addressed an issue with migrating Active Directory configuration in a scenario where a Storage Sync 11.4 disk is attached to a Storage Sync 12.x VM.


How to Upgrade 

For a new Storage Sync deployment: Download the relevant image from Storage Sync Installers

For upgrading from Storage Sync 11.x: Follow the disk migration instructions.

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