To generate the list of folders, log in to Web User Interface as an Admin, then navigate to Reports > Folders and Files > Folder Size Report, and create two reports: 

One for the 'Shared' folder (and sub-folders - please see the below screenshot to learn how to customize the report)  

Second for 'Private.' What's very important, the reports can include a maximum of 255 sub-folder levels. If there are any deeper level folders on the domain, they will not be reflected there.


The other solution would be to log in to Egnyte Connect Desktop App as an Admin, then open the Command Prompt (if you are using Windows) and use the below commands to create a complete file list and export it to the CSV spreadsheet.

  1. Z:
  2. dir /s /b > C:\intel\egnytefilelist.csv

Please keep in mind that the above commands will only work if your Egnyte drive is mapped as the Z drive on the machine. Also, the output file will be created under C:\Intel\. The filename will be 'egnytefilelist.csv.'