We've made some changes, improvements, and fixes to the Desktop Windows App.

Search within a folder 

The context menu in the file explorer now includes search for files within a specific folder. 


Search with filter options 

Option to narrow down the search with filters - file type, uploaded time, updated by.


Search result improvement 

Improved user interface for search results in the Desktop App.


Product name change

The product name "Egnyte Connect Desktop App" changed to "Egnyte Desktop App."

New skip code 

'Destination path not found' skip code to indicate the reason for file upload failure due to missing destination folder.


Additional fixes

In addition to the above improvements, the update also contains: 

Fix for an issue when saving AutoCAD DWG file, a conflict of .BAK file is generated.

Fix for an issue when some files get skipped while uploading to the connected folder.

Fix for an issue when skipped files are not clearing up.

Fix for an issue with user prompt to authorize each drive when using the Chrome browser.

Fix for an issue with a mapped drive not connecting to Smart Cache (FKA Turbo) randomly.

Fix for an issue with opening large photoshop files that causes disk error before opening the file.

Fix for an issue with photos getting corrupted when rotated multiple times.

Fix for an issue with syncing an empty folder that takes 15 mins in large domains.


Known Issues/Limitations

The update has the below known issue, which will be addressed in the future version:

The minimum compatible Smart Cache (FKA Turbo) version is 2.2.0 for this Desktop App version to be able to connect to the Turbo device.


Upgrade to the latest version today.