We’ve made some changes, improvements, and fixes to the Desktop Mac App.

Connect a local folder to Egnyte: 

Context menu in the finder to connect a local folder to the cloud private folders. 




Disconnect a local folder from Egnyte:

Context menu in the finder to disconnect a local folder from the cloud private folders.




0kb file upload:

Support for uploading 0kb files to the cloud.

Additional fixes

In addition to the above improvements, the update also contains: 

Fix for an issue where opening files through the Desktop App UI does not open the latest version of the file.

Fix for an issue where files disappear from the connected folder in Desktop App.

Fix for an issue with search in a folder for a drive with the cloud start path set.

Known Issues/Limitations

The update has the below-known issues which will be addressed in the future version:

Uploading 0kb files to Smart Cache (FKA Turbo) is not supported.

The connected folder doesn't show a visual indicator for skipped and in-progress status.


Upgrade to the latest version today.