We've made some exciting changes based on your feedback and can't wait for you to check them out. 


End of iOS 11 Support 

From this version, we stop the support for iOS 11 devices. In order to use Egnyte 8.1, you need to update your device to iOS 12 or higher. 

New "Create or upload" Button 

We improved the way users trigger new content creation or file upload. The new "+ Create or upload" replaces the + New button. It is placed in a "thumb-friendly" area. The functionality remains the same.

New Listing Header Navigation 

We have improved the way you navigate on the listing. From now on share, search and bookmark buttons are accessible directly from the header. The sorting and change view options are now easier to access.

  Header_0.5x.png List-header_0.5x.png     
New Bottom Bar Navigation 

We have improved the bottom navigation bar. From now on the Menu section will show you on which account you are logged in. We also reduced the number of icons in the navigation by moving notifications to the profile menu.

Notification Page and Access 

We moved the notifications to the profile menu. Its functionality remained the same.

Labels on File Thumbnails

We refreshed file icons and added additional labels of the file extensions on the thumbnails.


Other Issues Fixed

We continuously monitor our apps for bugs. This release solves general bugs and performance issues that some of you may have encountered.


We will start the rollout of the iOS app this week. By the end of next week, it should be available for all users.

Download the newest version of Egnyte for iOS today.