General Availability: Oct 9th, 2020

We’ve made some exciting changes based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check them out.

Storage Sync UI becomes unresponsive when navigating to the user-mapping page

Optimized how Storage Sync fetches user accounts from Active Directory in environments with a large number of Active Directory user accounts.

Sync takes a long time to complete

Identified and fixed an issue in synchronizer where the sync operation does not handle a specific internal error in a timely manner.

Permission error on Mac while unzipping a file

Identified and fixed an issue where the archive utility on Mac attempts to set permissions on the uncompressed folder on the disk. 

Files uploaded by user with Full permissions do not get synchronized

Fixed an issue in the sync’s event reduction algorithm to correctly recognize the events performed by multiple users on a given file.

Files with .ap extension do not get synced to the cloud

Artpro files generate several temporary files while updating the master file. Identified an issue in the way synchronizer was handling events from these temporary files. 

Stability and Security improvements


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