We’ve made some exciting changes based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check them out. 

Policy Versions

You can now pick a ‘Broad’ or ‘Narrow’ version of the HIPAA and GLBA policies. Broad versions will be more sensitive and produce more results, while Narrow versions will focus on greater precision and fewer results. 


Draft Lifecycle Policies

Content lifecycle policies are powerful tools. Because of that, you may wish to assess the impact of a policy before putting it into effect. With draft policies, you can create retention, archiving, and deletion policies then see the impact of that policy on the Content Lifecycle page before deciding to publish or revise the policy.


Automatically Fix External Sharing and Open Access Issues

Removing permissions for these issue types previously required switching to the Collaborate view, find the problematic item, and changing permissions. You can now stay in Secure & Govern and make the changes automatically with the click of a button.

Content Lifecycle File List Export

You can now export the list of files in the details section of the Content Lifecycle view.


File Type Graph

You can now see a breakdown of files by file type in the Content Lifecycle view for the selected folder.



Learn more about Content Lifecycle Draft Policies by watching a Quick Tip on Egnyte University:  Content Lifecycle Draft Policies Quick Tip