In this release, we've made some fixes to our iOS App and added a small improvement. 

Item counter at the Folder's end

This small improvement shows you how many items (folders and files) are available in the viewed folder. This marker also indicated the end of the folder.


Fixed bug with Apple File App integration

We fixed a few issues connected with viewing Egnyte App content on the Apple File App. However, for browsing and viewing purposes, we still recommend the Egnyte app.

Fixed issue with the date format on listing

The app was previously using European date format on the list view (DD/MM/YY). With this fix, we connected the date format with the device OS settings - the app will apply the date format of the system (DD/MM/YY or YY/MM/DD or MM/DD/YY)

Fixed issue with Adobe Acrobat

We fixed an issue that caused the problem in downloading and uploading files from Egnyte to Adobe Acrobat.


Additional Information and Resources

In September, we will end the support for iOS 11. We recommend you to upgrade your devices to iOS12 or higher. The upgrade from iOS 11 to a higher version does not cut off any device support. 


Download the newest version of Egnyte for iOS today.