We’ve made some exciting changes based on your feedback and can’t wait for you to check them out.


Additional link options 

When creating links for files, you now have the option to create view-only links and can choose whether you want to always link to the latest version of a file. 

Updates to last access time in the device dashboard

The add-in will now update the ‘last access’ time in the device panel at least once a day as long as the add-in is running and a user is logged in.

Improved network detection

Improvements to the network detection method to prevent the add-in occasionally and incorrectly reporting a lack of internet connection.

Stops certain crashes

Fix to prevent Outlook from crashing when the add-in runs with certain third-party applications like Mimecast.

Prevent emails from being automatically sent when intercepting attachments

Fix to prevent the add-in from automatically sending emails when the user chooses the option to send added attachments as links.


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