We’ve made some changes, improvements, and fixes to the Desktop Mac App.

  • Search within a folder: Context menu in the finder to search for files within a specific folder in Desktop app. 
  • Search with filter options: Option to narrow down the search with filters - file type, uploaded time, updated by.


  • Search result improvement: Improved user interface for search results in Desktop app.


  • File locking for private folders: File locking for Private directories will be disabled by default.

Additional fixes

In addition to the above improvements, the update also contains: 

  • Fix for an issue with renaming to change the case of a filename in Catalina OS
  • Fix for issues with random disconnection of drives
  • Fix for an issue with inconsistent audit report showing folder deletion

Known Issues/Limitations

The update has the below-known issue which will be addressed in the next version:

  • Search in a folder doesn't work for a drive with a cloud start path set. 

Upgrade to the latest version today.