This will go over the different aspects of the integration as we transition to the latest version of the Google integration. All files in the Egnyte domain will now be held directly in Egnyte storage, and no longer be held in Google Drive. 

Creation of files

Files will be created within Egnyte. The create button will still exist under the New button. This integration will work for Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides (Google Draw creation is not enabled).


Your files will now reside in Egnyte.  There no longer will be the need to have two copies (one in Egnyte and one in Google Drive), additionally all permissions will now be managed by Egnyte. 

Opening a File

Just like you are accustomed to using Egnyte, you can preview and open these Google files just like any other file stored in Egnyte.  

Clicking on a file will not launch the file in Google Drive, it will instead launch a preview to that document, just like the rest of files in Egnyte. From there you can choose to Open the file in Egnyte.

In Preview you can also launch from Open in the Options menu.


You can also open a file directly using the Context Menu by:  Open in -> Edit in Google Docs (Sheets or Slides)


Sharing a File

Sharing is now controlled by Egnyte permissions. Sharing in Egnyte is done by the Folder level not by the individual file. The Share button will no longer exist on the Google doc. You will be able to Share using Folder Permissions and the Egnyte Share Links.

User Authorization

Users must be logged into Google on their browser to access the integration. 


  • Create new Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides files and save them directly to Egnyte. Users can browse their Egnyte File system and open and edit documents.
  • Permissions on these files are managed by Egnyte and are subject to Egnyte permissions, sharing, and security policies.
  • Activity on these documents are recorded by Egnyte Audit Reports.
  • No matter where team members are located, they can collaborate in real-time using G Suite collaboration with the benefits of Egnyte’s secure and easy file-sharing solution.
  • All changes are automatically saved back to your Egnyte Cloud Storage.
  • Open and edit Microsoft Office documents using G Suite editing tools within Egnyte and have those files saved directly in Egnyte.


  • Mobile devices can preview G Suite files but cannot edit these files.
  • G Suite Add-On's can't be accessed with this integration
  • Imported Ranges, Protected Sheets and Templates within G Suite Editor are not available with this integration

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