We've made some exciting changes based on your feedback and can't wait for you to check them out. 

New layout and views for files and folders

With the new release, we introduce a fresh new look and feel for files and folders. We have introduced new icons, layouts and also improved the way we show long file and folder names.


New views on the listing

From now on, the Egnyte iOS app will have four layout support. You can change them the same way as before from the three-dot menu in the upper right corner.

List compact

The ideal view for people who want to have as many elements on the screen as possible, with even the long file names fully visible. 

List comfort

An expanded compact view with more glanceable information and spacing for comfort viewing. 

Grid compact

This view shows bigger thumbnails of files and folders to make it easier for users to find the right file if they want to see what is inside of the file.

This option provides users with the ultimate preview experience by showing huge thumbnails and all of the glanceable information about the file they might need.


iPad UI support

From now on, the iPad version has a separate design system, which means that all new functionalities, improvements, and redesigns take into consideration the iPad's bigger screen, Apple Pencil, iPadOS, and many more.

Thumbnails support for PDF files

Users are now able to view the content of the first page of the PDF file directly from the listing. The best view for using this feature would be one of the grid views.

Improved upload /download view on the listing

The files have now the status if they are uploaded or downloaded, each file has its own progress bar

 Untitled_555.png   Untitled_4.png

Fixed bug with background upload

We fixed the bug with uploading more than 15 files in the background - this bug caused that some users were unable to upload their files.

Other Issues fixed

We continuously monitor our apps for bugs. This release solves general bugs and performance issues that some of you may have encountered. 


We will soon end the support for iOS 11. We recommend you to upgrade your devices to iOS12 or higher. The upgrade from iOS 11 to a higher version does not cut off any device support.


Download the newest version of Egnyte for iOS today.